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Published February 15, 2018 by etain1


Wholeheartedly ©

By Terry Moore


When one lets

go of the

pretense of illusion


Just step inside

your own soul

to just be


To nurture

the self



Accepting all

aspects of

your being


Let the joy wash

over you being

who you are

It is all about accepting yourself and loving yourself. Don’t live you life by some one else’s rules …. dig deep inside and find out what beliefs are yours or planted by some one else.  Be true to yourself.



I Gave

Published February 13, 2018 by etain1


I Gave ©

By Terry Moore


I gave of my essence when I carried you

I gave of my body when I birthed you

I gave of my soul when I nourished you

I gave of my mind when I taught you

I gave of my being when I watch you grow

I gave of my free will as I let you go

I gave of my joy when you married

I gave of my heart when I became a grandmother

I gave of my full circle when you became a parent


I am grateful that I was blessed with two wonderful children and three beautiful grandchildren. My life is complete for I have come full circle.

Step Away, Step Away

Published February 13, 2018 by etain1


Step Away, Step Away ©

By Terry Moore


Step away, step away

take a breath and

and remain calm


Things happen

sometimes for

no reason at all


Step away, step away

let the emotions

slowly subside


Learn not to

react and seek

changes in perspectives


Step away, step away

there is no need to

rush for answers


There is no need

to be right

no need for anger


Step away, step away

take another breath

clarity will come

Shine On

Published February 13, 2018 by etain1


Shine On ©

By Terry Moore


Let your inner

beauty shine

inside and out


You are magnificent

with each moment,

each hour, each day


Smile at the world

letting everyone see

your radiance


As you smile

you spread

healing energy


Your light shines

and the whole

Universe smiles


I am feeling my “Shine” today. I am seeing beauty, and grace all around me. I am smiling and ready to spread my healing energy to everyone I meet today!


Published February 12, 2018 by etain1


Layers ©

By Terry Moore


What do I see

What do I think

What do I say


Often my inner voice

Is snuffed out

Not allowed to speak


What am I afraid of

What holds me back

What is the blockage


What do I want

What lesson is there

What do I need to learn


I need to grow

I need to know

I need to just let go


I am ready

I shed the layers

I open up


I see who I am

I think positive

I say I am enough

From early on we are programed by our family, friends, school. work, and religious  organizations. This adds many layers to our personality. Over time we should reevaluate our belief system and see if what we store there is really right for us now. We learn, we change, and we grow. Let go of what no loner fits with your authentic self.

What Is It ….

Published January 14, 2018 by etain1


What Is It ©

By Terry Moore

What is it you seek

is it true, is it sweet

Is it from the soul level

or is it at crossroad or bevel

Seek with open eyes

The inner voice does not lie

Listen and you shall hear

All doubts will disappear

Be brave, be courageous

It will be advantageous

That which you seek

YOU are you and ever so unique

We seek so many things on our journey called life. We learn, we grow, we mature if we keep an open mind and learn to listen to our inner voice. We are such awesome individuals and are capable of doing extraordinary things if we just believe in ourselves.

From early on I just doodled absent-mindedly until my good friend Judy Hall introduced me to watercolors. At first I struggled with all aspects of this new found art form. Over time I got more comfortable and then started finding out where my strength were.

I must say that my world has changed since I started linking my artwork and my poems together. Visions, dreams, insights, understanding, clarity, balance and harmony are the gifts that I receive from this process. It only happened because I was open to learning. I was open to listening to my inner voice and I was courageous enough to put my creations out there for others to see and read.

What I found is true and sweet!