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Spring Prayer

Published March 12, 2017 by etain1

Spriing doll poem

We all go through the cabin fever stage at this time of the year. Winter has had it toll on our mood and we are getting a little short tempered with mother nature and her game of warm and freezing temperatures. We yearn for the sun, dirt to dig in and the colors and smells of springtime. We are ready  for warmth! We are grateful that spring is fast approaching.

The Power of Positive Vives

Published December 25, 2016 by etain1


A good friend was just diagnosed with Breast cancer, stomach cancer and it is also in her bone. She is one of the sweetest persons I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She had her 1st chemo treatment December  21, 2016. I made her this stocking and filled it with little note cards with positive affirmations from friends on her Facebook page. When she has her down days and we know she will have some, she can reread all the uplifting wishes from all who love her. She is always saying “I’ve got this”. She is a fighter for sure. She is an inspiration to me and all that know her.

The Magick of Giving

Published December 25, 2016 by etain1









My brother had chemo on Thursday 12/22/16. I made this Christmas stocking for the chemo nurses (Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute) and filled it with candy and chocolates. When everyone was connected to their  ……


Chemolicious meds I gave the stocking to the nurses. Wow, they really liked it and I enjoyed watching them smile. I also made little gift bags for each patient with the chemolicious art on a card wishing them a Happy Holiday. It was like magic because everyone was laughing and getting in the festive mood. A very good chemo day.



Prayer Flags

Published July 31, 2016 by etain1








A good friend was talking to me after our book club. He ask me if I could make Prayer Flags and to be honest I had NO idea what he was talking about. I was aware of Tibetan Prayer Flags and Buddha Prayer Flags and so the seed was planted.

A few days later I decided to figure out how to make Pagan Prayer Flags and so the can of worms was opened up big time. This is so addictive and so much fun. The world of possibilities have opened up after I completed this project. My head is spinning with lots of new ideas that I am sure I will posting here at a later date. Smiles and giggles.

My lesson learn is to be open to suggestions, give it a try, and if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.

Again I give thanks for being able to take an idea and create it into my form of artwork. For me artwork is like meditation – I relax and let the troubles of the world just disappear for a little while and just be one with my artwork.


Pagan Gift Bags

Published July 31, 2016 by etain1


I have decided to design some gift bags that are special for the Pagan shoppers. You go into a store to by something special for yourself or a friend and now you can add that little something special to complete the shopping experience. This is one of the bags I have designed. My idea is to have it be whimsical and fun.

This is a lesson learned – to finally realize that we as pagans should get our artwork out there so others can enjoy it. To not hide who or what we are. We matter!

I am blessed with the ability to draw and design and I am making use of the Goddess given talent.

One Of Those Days …..

Published July 5, 2016 by etain1



Oh yes I have had many of those ‘Fu** You days and I am sure there are many more to come. Now I see it as it is – just a bump in the road and I don’t take it personal. I try to look for the lesson that may be there for me to learn. If none then I just have to accept that this too shall pass and not dwell on it. One question I ask myself is ‘is this worth pursuing’ and ‘ why does this push my buttons’. Is it linked to my past experiences and it needs to be looked at again and resolve some issues that are lingering around. Is it myth or is it fact? It is all in the eyes of the beholder and that means it comes right down to our perceptions.

Actually I am finding that using this technique there are fewer and fewer ‘One of those day’ moments. Giving thanks for this.


My Beloved Peonies

Published June 5, 2016 by etain1


My beloved peonies, my all time favorite flower.

Peony (Paeonia officinallis) go back 4000 years. In the Middle Ages Peonies were often painted with their ripe seed-capsules  since it was   the seeds   not  the flowers, which were medically significant. Peony is an herb of protection by the Sun. It’s invocatory is Pan. Peony is regarded to protect the body, spirit and soul.

For me Peonies take me down memory lane. My Grandmother loved peonies and had several varieties planted in her back yard. She always said as I was growing up that it is so important to have Peonies planed  in  your yard. Was she sharing her knowledge about it’s protective properties with me?

All I know is I love the smell of Peonies in my home. The smell immediately takes me down memory lane about all the loving things my Grandma did. The doll house and swing set in her back yard for us. Her French fries and thick Hamburg’s. Her taking me shopping for school supplies and clothes, and my first sewing machine. The holiday meals, the home made biscuits, the dressing and everything made with tender loving care.

She was always there for Jack, Bob and me. She was my rock, my teacher, my angel. So, as you can see each year with that first bouquet of Peonies I get to remember my beloved Grandmother -a very special lady for sure.