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My Beloved Peonies

Published June 5, 2016 by etain1


My beloved peonies, my all time favorite flower.

Peony (Paeonia officinallis) go back 4000 years. In the Middle Ages Peonies were often painted with their ripe seed-capsules  since it was   the seeds   not  the flowers, which were medically significant. Peony is an herb of protection by the Sun. It’s invocatory is Pan. Peony is regarded to protect the body, spirit and soul.

For me Peonies take me down memory lane. My Grandmother loved peonies and had several varieties planted in her back yard. She always said as I was growing up that it is so important to have Peonies planed  in  your yard. Was she sharing her knowledge about it’s protective properties with me?

All I know is I love the smell of Peonies in my home. The smell immediately takes me down memory lane about all the loving things my Grandma did. The doll house and swing set in her back yard for us. Her French fries and thick Hamburg’s. Her taking me shopping for school supplies and clothes, and my first sewing machine. The holiday meals, the home made biscuits, the dressing and everything made with tender loving care.

She was always there for Jack, Bob and me. She was my rock, my teacher, my angel. So, as you can see each year with that first bouquet of Peonies I get to remember my beloved Grandmother -a very special lady for sure.