Earth Day / Full Moon Celebration

Published April 23, 2016 by etain1


Singing bowls all with the right vibration for each Chakra. Beautiful sounds when played together


Entrance to the Medicine Wheel where one can walk around and meditate


Center of Medicine Wheel where a huge crystal sits on top and also has crystal hearts placed around the top.


This is the fire pit. We sure enjoyed the warmth of the fire as the evening temps got a bit chilly. This is also where we held the drumming circle after Full Moon / Earth Day Ceremony


The mini Stone Hedge. Can’t wait to see it in full bloom come summer.


It’s all about detain ….. look how the branches are placed along the top of the fence. Also you can see that you can follow the path and walk through the whole sacred space as you do a walking meditation


The Yin / Yang of things ….. beautifully done


The four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) have their own spot. Sorry to say I did not capture them all with picture. Next time for sure.


It’s all about LOVE ……


A lovely bird bath for the winged ones.

The Full Moon Ceremony was delightful. We also gave honor to Mother Earth. We followed that by a drumming circle at the fire pit. The one item I did not get a picture was a huge drum that was played ( it sat on the deck). We also enjoyed rattles. Spirit was entertained with sound for sure. We meditated at the fire pit however some chose to do a walking meditation. Eventually we finished up and headed into the house for a delicious potluck.

What a awesome celebration with fantastic people. Thanks Bob for providing such a lovely spot to come together with Mind, Body and Spirit.



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