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Bring It On

Published February 6, 2016 by etain1


Some mornings I wake up with an attitude ….. yes ATTITUDE. As I am brewing my coffee my attitude is fully awake and ready to get going. So, I sit down thinking maybe a good cup of coffee will chase away Ms. Attitude but NO that was not going to happen. When this occurs I just have to let ‘Ms. Attitude’ come out and play for a while. She’s really not all that bad. She has a sparkle in her eyes, and smile on her face, and she is ready for whatever the day may bring. I like to think of her as a confident, smart, witty gal that can handle anything that comes her way with style, grace, and some humor to break up the tense moments if they should arise.



Published February 6, 2016 by etain1


Letting go of past hurts, opening up my eyes and living in the moment. Not an easy task to accomplish but well worth the effort. Stop comparing ourselves to others because we can only be responsible for our actions. Now that the veil of illusion is destroyed and I am seeing things without the filters on I see the world as it really is …. so beautiful. I don’t have my head buried in the sand that would be counter productive. I chose to take control of my reactions! I will no longer let the BS of the world enter and stir up havoc in my everyday living. I have kicked deceptions ass to the curb.