Vision Board

Published January 2, 2016 by etain1

Vision Board

My vision board is simply a reflection of some things that caught my eye and made me think. I believe 2016 is going to be a very good year for me as my perceptions have shifted AGAIN. I have realized that not all things can be fixed and sometimes starting over  to make things better is the real solution.

I have also known and still find it so important to hide myself away from high levels of stress. My solution is to create, journal and this process is extremely healing for me.  Creating and journaling is my meditation state of mind.

I have never been normal end of story. I am a true Gemini with the dual personality (practical & creative). I have learned to embrace both sides and have learned to know which one needs to be in control and which one needs to be tucked away for a while. I love being different. I love thinking outside the box and watching people roll their eyes as they think WTF.

I like who I am and I like where I am at this point in my life. I have accomplished much, learned a lot and still remain open to learn more. I challenge myself every chance I get.  I like being around people that are positive and continue to reach for the stars. They are so inspirational.

To sum it up …… I LOVE LIFE

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