Stuck In Victim Mode

Published December 21, 2015 by etain1


Stuck in Victim Mode

By Terry Moore

You play the victim so well

Your sad stories you love to tell

This is where your energies dwell

Making some changes you dispel

I do not walk in your shoes

I do not have the right to accuse

I do wonder why you don’t refuse

So the turmoil continues to brew

Stuck in victim mode

No way out you forebode

Your self-esteem continues to erode

The stress you need to unload

Small changes you can make

Staying in victim mode you can break

Your sanity is at stake

Learn to say NO and refuse partake!

We all know someone who is stuck in Victim mode. The emotions, the feelings of being  helpless and the just plain ‘give up’ is what you see in their eyes. Some of us are blessed with the fight / flight reaction. Others totally shut down and are unable to muster up the strength to get out of bed and handle daily routines.

Judgement is the last thing they need to experience from us in their time of need. It is hard for those around them to not to get frustrated with their inability to try to alleviate some of the reasons for their distress. Try to be patient, show compassion but don’t turn into an enabler.

It is OK to be honest by saying that you can’t continue to listen to the unending stories of pain and suffering because it is so upsetting to you because you can’t help them when they are unable to help themselves. It is OK and highly recommended that you to encourage them to seek professional help. By all means let them know that you still care and that you are sorry that they have to go through the turmoil.





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