Night Of Crones

Published November 29, 2015 by etain1

Some of the members of the Crones of Genesee County.


Our gathering of the “Crones” for Genesee County was a night of good food, good conversation, and lots of good stories.
We started out by greeting each other in perfect LOVE and perfect TRUST. After the greetings we filled our plate with delicious food and filled our glass with drink of choice. What is good about having food .and drink with good friends …….. absolutely everything.

As we filled our stomachs with food and drink we also shared stories of current events and past experiences. Some was in need for advice, some just needed to ‘vent’ with the people they trusted, and others shared hilarious stories that made us laugh. Very entertaining and heart-felt connections.

To live is story. We listen to stories, we believe stories, and we tell stories. But all are equal, all are merely stories. Remember that to exist at all is also story, and so the stones speak and the trees speak and the rivers speak their tales. This is one way to understand that all things have a life of their own. ~ Unknown Author~

One of our members is known for Séance, and so the evening took another turn into the world of the unknown. The one thing she used while doing the Séance was her smart phone with a “Ghost Finder” app ….. totally different from the Séance I am familiar with but I am open-minded and willing to go with the flow. 



We did our smudging and blessing of our circle, we grounded and centered ourselves and opened the channel for those behind the veil that wanted to communicate. Some had some really good messages come through. I was able to get a first had look at how the app worked and I must say I was a bit awed by what I seen. Loved how the whole Séance went and to see the gratitude of the ones who got messages was awesome.

We ended our celebration with s
crumptious desserts. As the evening came to a close we hugged and said our farewells and departed for home.



4 comments on “Night Of Crones

  • That sounds like such a fun gathering and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it so much! Btw, what does doing your “sagging” mean? Am I weird but my sagging has occurred naturally with age, and damn Isaac Newton for ‘discovering’ gravity lmao!

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