Witch Extraordinaire

Published November 18, 2015 by etain1

Witch Extraordinaire 2016

My goal is to get more active with other Witch Extraordinaire. To get involved, learn, play, share, laugh, experience, teach and enjoy what others have to offer.

These are a few of the things I am adding to my to-do-list for 2016:

  • Attend functions that other Pagan organizations sponsor
  • To offer my talents, skills, teaching ability, attendance, support to other Pagans
  • To try new things – get out of my comfort zone
  • Learn something new each month – big or small
  • Let the ‘little witch’ that hides inside come out and play.

It is so inspiring to spend time with like-minded individuals. I love to create and others bring out the artistic talents in me. I listen, watch, learn, and enjoy what and how they do things. I feel the energy, motivation, and compassion they share and in turn it makes me want to be one with my creator by creating. If I don’t create for a while my body goes into withdrawals and it is an uncomfortable feeling.

Taken from Deepak and Oprah 21 Day Meditation:

“If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” ― Thich Nat Hanh

Sharing and expressing the same core beliefs as others brings with it a fellowship of the heart, and this bond of companionship makes our life journey more rewarding and enjoyable. Our spiritual growth is amplified when we connect to others in a group that shares our goals.

This is the Indian concept of Satsang, which refers to people coming together based upon a shared truth to uplift and transform themselves. Finding and participating in such groups gives you more than strength and companionship; it provides an expanded version of your own spiritual self.

This just reinforces my goal of getting more involved with Witchy Extraordinaire people. Life is so good!

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