My Life’s Mission Statement

Published November 14, 2015 by etain1

Mission Statement 2

I talked to an elder and ask for her advice. She is a very wise person and she told me to take a moment to tune into how I feel when I choose to hold on to blame. Do I feel happy, open, peaceful, and joyous, or do I feel angry, tense, closed, and unhappy?

She also said to realize that forgiving someone is not about them. It is about taking loving care of ourselves by releasing ourselves from resentment and blame. It is about moving out of being a victim of others’ choices and taking responsibility for our own feelings of wellbeing.

So, I took heart of what she said – she truly is a wise elder.

On that note; I am not fighting to be RIGHT, I’m not holding on to blame, anger, and confusion. I am letting go of the negativity. I am done with this.

I love you however I love me more. I am worth having a life filled with those who love me. I have a right to be treated with respect, compassion, and understanding and my boundaries are set to reflect these requirements.

Note to self: This is my life’s mission statement.


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