Not Good, Not Good

Published November 10, 2015 by etain1

Me Extra Witchy

Was having some fun taking a current picture I found on the internet and change it to reflect my mood. I often do this when I do my journaling. There are lots of articles out there about the many benefits of journaling. In my humble opinion it is a good way to get the thoughts out of your head, validate the emotion attached to said thought which allows you to have closure and move on.

As you can see I have a Witchy, Bitchy, and a Wand thing going on in my head. Yup it was one of those days when I put this together. I will eventually draw my rendition of this in my Crone journal. Some times I feel that one more person gets to continue breathing because I journal instead of choking the shit out of them  when they so deserving it. Know what I mean

It would be a hoot to have the power to wave your wand and make everything better …. such an appealing idea. But then if we had this ability there would be the ass holes of the world that would use it for not so good intentions. That is why we have fairy tales.

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