Moving On

Published November 7, 2015 by etain1


Everyone has their limitations – In essence what they are willing to put up with. Well, I must say my fuse is getting shorter and shorter as I get older. I am at the age that all I want is peace and quiet, no drama, no snotty remarks, no flippant texting. My boundaries are getting tighter and tighter. I am less willing to take abuse and now I have no real need to react either. Walking away is the best solution.

With the intolerance comes tears of sadness! Tears for the loss. Tears for the having to make these types of decisions. Tears for making my social circle smaller and smaller. Should I lower my expectations? Then I would have to expose myself to the rudeness, disrespect, and emotion draining situations. Is it worth it?

Back in July 2015 I wrote in my Crone journal:

I am not seeking answers, but I seek inspiration out of sure desperation

My mission in life is not to thrive; and to just merely survive.

I want passion, compassion sprinkled with some humor and some style.

Is this too much to ask for. I think not.

There are so many others experiencing this same thing …. we have lost compassion.


4 comments on “Moving On

  • Thank you so very much for the inspirational articles you mailed to me, I loved them! All these years I never knew that Judith Guest was a Michigander. I had bought and loved her first book, “Ordinary People” after it came out in paperback and I was excited to see how true to that wonderful book the later film was. I liked her three tips on better writing too!

    • Thanks for comment. I especially liked the article with the mother talking to her daughter. I immediately though of you raising Tara and now Tara raising the 3 girls. We need to teach our children arts and crafts as this is another thing the current generation seems to deem no important. It’s all about electronic games.

      • Oh yes, I liked that article too. I did try and teach Tara how important the many mediums of the arts are to all of us and I know that she will pass down that importance as well to the girls. And that is a very good thing like you said! 😀

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