Letting Go

Published November 7, 2015 by etain1


Why some people feel they have the right to text you with their nasty negative thoughts, words, feelings, and just plain rudeness? I realize this generation only knows how to communicate though texting – I on the other hand I want the voice to voice contact. So much becomes lost in texting.

Sometimes situations are so toxic that you just have to walk away. Distant yourself from the drama! By the way I believe in a NO drama zone! Whatever a person feels they have to say to me can be one in a respectful way. If it is not – I have the right to respond in a disrespectful way. I don’t like to have to go there, but sometimes when they push those old buttons the get even side comes out to play. Not proud of myself when this happens.

Time to pull in to myself and allow the healing to begin. One more brick added to the wall. As a Crone I am allowing myself to recognize this toxic behavior, grieve the loss, and move on.

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