Published April 11, 2015 by etain1


WOW it never ceases to amaze me how Christians can be so damn intolerant! I have to say that I was impressed with this simple to the point speech done by Deborah Maynard.

For the first time in state history, a Wiccan was granted the opportunity to offer a Wiccan invocation at the Iowa legislature on Thursday. And Priestess Deborah Maynard of the People’s Church Unitarian Universalist Church made it count.

Maynard prayed for lawmakers to use logic to find solutions to help all of the people in Iowa and asked that they work to help all human beings.

“We call this morning to God, Goddess, Universe, that which is greater than ourselves to be with us here today. By the Earth that is in our bones and centers us, may all here remember our roots and those we are here to represent.

By the fire that gives us light and passion, may all here remain passionate about the work that must be done for the people of Iowa.  By the air that gives us breath and logic, may all here find thoughtful solutions to the problems that are presented. By the water that flows through our blood and stirs our emotions, may all here draw on that emotional intelligence, which helps us to see the inherent worth and dignity of every person

We call this morning to spirit, which is ever present to help us respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Be with us in this legislative body and guide them to seek justice equity and compassion in the work that is before them today.

Blessed Be, Aho, Amen.”


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