Inspiring Crone Fashionistas ……

Published February 11, 2014 by etain1

I happened to run across a video on You Tube and it was called “Don’t dress your age – six inspiring women say no to drab. The average age is 80 years old. What caught my eye was they were women of age that decided that society was not going to label them as old and therefore dress the part. These fabulous fashionistas have style, grace, dignity and are living their authentic self. I realize most woman of age won’t step out dressed like these ladies, however it is fantastic to know that if you decided to do so then go for it. This fashion statement has inspired me!

style 6

We should all live our lives with the belief of “I don’t believe in age I believe in energy! ♥♥♥

What does aging with attitude mean to you?

You must age with attitude; it’s all in the mind. You attitude is your altitude – there is no question. You have a life that you must lead. You must be alive; you must be involved, whether it’s a business, joining a club, or reading. Stay active, no matter what it is, and do something you love. ~Maven Lynn Dell~



2 comments on “Inspiring Crone Fashionistas ……

  • What is Age but a Word & a Number! It NEVER defines who we truly! I personally have NEVER seen the need to conform to what “Socially” acceptable. When I get older I plan on having long hair like I do now and when I am good and ready I will stop coloring it. I know that I will have lovely Gray or White Hair when I am much older. 🙂 I have in fact had a number of compliments on the gray in my hair now. (haven’t colored it since last April)

    I have posted a number of older women wearing what they like on my Pinterest board because they are true to their Spirit! I applaud them for honoring their authentic selves! I believe that with age there just comes that sense of freedom, that I want to foster in other Women when they are younger. I want my Girls to live true to their beliefs which I know are still forming. I want them happy & healthy and to love themselves all the while they are on their journey.

    I honestly think if people moved past the whole age & number thing. They would be happier & healthier, it is all mind over matter in all things. We are truly limitless, we just have to embrace that concept while living in a society that says other wise.

    It really all just believing in your OWN Energy! 🙂

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