Aging Gracefully – I am Crone

Published July 15, 2013 by etain1

Aging Gracefully

By Etain ©

Why are we so afraid of getting older? Society does not paint a pretty picture of what is in store for us. Don’t allow yourself to adopt the idea that after a certain age you are old and useless. We don’t have to be a show stopping model: no wrinkles, size 2, perfect hair, perfect skin. We have lived, learned, survived, loved, hated, taught, nursed, grown, and earned the right to be whatever the hell we want to be.

Continue living your life. Be all that you can be, learn all that you can learn. Love, never stop loving. Above all, be your authentic self, be true to yourself and never, never stop loving yourself.

I am a Crone and proud of it. I don’t feel old (well a few minor reminders) and I chose to keep moving. I demand respect from others, I will not be treated ill due to the aging process. I am on a path that continues to remind me I don’t know everything and it also reminds me I have the ability to continue to learn.

So, how are you going to handle the aging process. Be defeated or be all that you can be?????


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