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What is the Craft – Through the Eyes of a Crone

Published February 24, 2013 by etain1

The Craft is not about flamboyant dress but for some it is. It’s not about being rebellious but for some it is. It’s not about using spells, charms, talismans, and The Book of Shadows but for some it is. The craft is about the journey to self-discovery and enlightenment. It is about learning to be your authentic self. It’ all about spirituality and living your life in perfect love and perfect trust. © Etain

I strive to learn something new everyday. I am open to new ideas and meeting new people. I am realizing it is a life long process of learning things, using what you have learned. Sometimes new things come along and you have to change again. This is the process of Birth, Death, and transformation. In my younger day I did not understand the concept but now I do.

I have learned to move through my day with a sense of confidence and grace. In my youth I had a reckless spirit and now I am tempered by wisdom. I quietly yet firmly speak MY truth without doubt or hesitation and the life I lead is of my own creation.

One thing I never understood, I now know to be true, it all begins and ends with me.

Ouote: The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding