Spirit Doll

Published July 25, 2017 by etain1


Made this spirit doll today and I really like the way it turned out. I used the color purple to represent Cronehood. The butterfly represents the Air sign which is what I am. It has crystals, beads around hip shaw. Feathers also represent the Air sign. Tried to keep it whimsical by adding the butterfly. I burned my intention into the wood branch under the skirt. It was a fun project.

Feathers And More Feathers

Published July 20, 2017 by etain1




Took a walk near a pond where I work and there were feathers everywhere from Canadian Geese and of course being the GOOD WITCH I am, I picked up every one of them. It did not look like there had been a animal attack because all the feathers were in perfect undamaged condition.  So, had to put together a few projects.

The first project came to mind because I am an AIR sign. This is sitting on a small altar I have in my art room. It reminds me to be light and airy in my thoughts so inspiration can easily come to me.

The second came about from a suggestion made by a friend to make a ‘Feather Smug Stick’, so figured it was a great idea. I have never made one before and I think it turned out really nice. There is something about making something yourself and adding your energy to it.



Zentangle Witch

Published May 23, 2017 by etain1


Knowing is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. ~ Kofi Anna~

I agree in this quote. I feel education will open up a closed mind.  It is important to continue learning throughout your whole lifespan. Too often people of age get comfortable and don’t strive to keep current in what is happening around them. ” If you don’t use it you lose it” …… Oh so true!

Surface Pro Book – and drawing

Published May 21, 2017 by etain1


Brand new computer – Surface Pro Book. It can be switched to a Tablet and has a pen to use for finer drawing. This was done in paint which is a basic program that comes with Windows. I have looked into Art Range for computers at a cost of $79 dollars. It will be a more professional look in the quality and so much more. The way I see it – it opens up a whole new ability to design and post it with vivid colors, textures, media (oil, watercolors, and pastels). Going to sit on it for a few so I can make a good decision instead of impulse buying.

Spring Prayer

Published March 12, 2017 by etain1

Spriing doll poem

We all go through the cabin fever stage at this time of the year. Winter has had it toll on our mood and we are getting a little short tempered with mother nature and her game of warm and freezing temperatures. We yearn for the sun, dirt to dig in and the colors and smells of springtime. We are ready  for warmth! We are grateful that spring is fast approaching.

Broken Heart

Published February 10, 2017 by etain1


Broken Heart ©

By Terry Moore

My heart is broken

My tears just a token

Lover, parent, friend or child

No guarantee about no exile

If it was meant to be

There would be no absentee

Can’t make them love you

This statement is so true

Let them go with kindness

Show your ferocity and fineness

The heart can heal when broken

When words of kindness are spoken


Let Me Count The Ways

Published February 10, 2017 by etain1


This poem is for whomever holds that special place in your heart.

Let Me Count The Ways ©
By Terry Moore

For a sister, a brother, a lover, a friend
Our friendship will never end

I love you so let me count the ways
You laugh when we are together always

You sometimes make fun of me
It makes me laugh please see

When I am scared you hold my hand
You let me sit while you stand

You are there for me – thick and thin
When I am sad you make me grin

You are there for me and me for you
Our love keeps our hearts anew ♥