What Is It ….

Published January 14, 2018 by etain1


What Is It ©

By Terry Moore

What is it you seek

is it true, is it sweet

Is it from the soul level

or is it at crossroad or bevel

Seek with open eyes

The inner voice does not lie

Listen and you shall hear

All doubts will disappear

Be brave, be courageous

It will be advantageous

That which you seek

YOU are you and ever so unique

We seek so many things on our journey called life. We learn, we grow, we mature if we keep an open mind and learn to listen to our inner voice. We are such awesome individuals and are capable of doing extraordinary things if we just believe in ourselves.

From early on I just doodled absent-mindedly until my good friend Judy Hall introduced me to watercolors. At first I struggled with all aspects of this new found art form. Over time I got more comfortable and then started finding out where my strength were.

I must say that my world has changed since I started linking my artwork and my poems together. Visions, dreams, insights, understanding, clarity, balance and harmony are the gifts that I receive from this process. It only happened because I was open to learning. I was open to listening to my inner voice and I was courageous enough to put my creations out there for others to see and read.

What I found is true and sweet!








Healing And Forgiveness

Published January 12, 2018 by etain1


Healing And Forgiveness ©

By Terry Moore

Healing and forgiveness

go hand in hand

It’s universal, no exceptions

across all lands

Inside all hearts there is a way

It’s an individual process

so, don’t delay

Illusions and thoughts perceived

By letting go, freedom is achieved

Having a heart that is carefree

It’s worth it you will agree




I Rise

Published January 4, 2018 by etain1


tree of life

Today I Rise

When I’m tired of all the things around me in my life, I rise
When only the negative aura surrounds me and tries to put me down, I rise
When there’s no one there for me even on the worst days, I rise
When there are bullies at school talking bad about me, I rise
When I’ve lost the family and people I love, I rise
When I am trying to reach my goal in my life and I fail at times, I rise
When I got fake friends, they lie to me and put me down, I rise
When I’m struggling with my family with the bills and our expenses, I rise
When I hear fighting, cussing, swearing cursing at home, I rise
When I’m heartbroken from a love, I rise
When there are traumatic things that happen to me, I rise
When I get abandoned by people who I thought loved me, I rise
When there are no good influence and only evil around me, I rise
When I’m on the street with no food or shelter, I rise
When I’m in a life or death situation, I rise
When someone I love has a chronic disease I stay strong for them and I rise
When the devil tries to put me down in the worst possible ways, I rise
I rise and stay strong because God helps me rise!!


My Art

Published January 4, 2018 by etain1


Growing and Knowing ©

By Terry Moore

In my earlier years

I was such a mess

The Universe pushed

Repeated test after test

My inner voice speaks

Expression through my art

Figuring it out

Seeing patterns is smart

My thoughts my hurts

My muse my sphinx

Growing and learning

through sketches and inks

Older now and wiser

The art of knowing

Releasing the hurts

Peacefulness now flowing






Published January 3, 2018 by etain1

pure michigan

While enjoying this awesome sunset a thought came to me …….

No matter what happens throughout the day things can always end beautifully. Early in the day the wind was kicking up the snow and the temps are freezing cold. While enjoying ginger tea and soaking in this stunning sunset it warmed me from head to toe. The colors spoke to my soul. Thanks Pure Michigan!

Pure Michigan

Published January 2, 2018 by etain1


The harshness of our frigid winters make many residents head off to Florida, Arizona and other warmer places. I am sure they have beautiful skies just like we do however the snow is not there. This is Pure Michigan at it’s finest.

Yes,  I am holding up in my warm condo avoiding going outdoors if at all possible because temps are 18 degrees and actually feel like 7 degrees. I need to get dressed with lots of layers so I can go get my gas tank filled up and do a few other errands. We Michiganders suck it up and get out there and do what we need to do.

Yes in winter time I hibernate indoors more often but I still look out my patio door and marvel at what I see. The birds huddle in the pine trees trying to stay warm and when the sun does come out so do they. The rabbit footprints in the snow leave delicate unusual patterns as they hop to and fro.

I am grateful that I live in Michigan and can enjoy all 4 seasons. Each season bringing its own beauty to the palate called Pure Michigan.