The art of letting go …..

Published October 17, 2021 by etain1

Healing that inner child takes time. The work begins with self evaluation, really digging into the hurts of the past. Validating the emotions attached to that event, forgiving and letting go. Forgiving is not for the ones that hurt you, it’s for you to free up space for bigger and better things to come your way. I designed this artwork in my journal where I can write down the things that no longer serve me and I am cutting them / releasing them from my life.


Published October 12, 2021 by etain1

Vulnerability ©
By Terry Moore

Vulnerability is a
terrifying concept
for most of us

Putting ourselves
out there without
our safety nets

All our mask
removed being
totally honest

Will we be
accepted or

A bold step
and the rewards
are amazing


Published October 12, 2021 by etain1

Vibrant season, vibrant colors, vibrant life.
This is my favorite time of the year. It reminds me that the most vibrant colors come at the end of the season. Just like life … as we age we are vibrant! Get out there and flaunt our ageless beauty, our wisdom and out love.

Disregard what society believes is beautiful. Disregard the pushing us back into a dark corner, out of sight out of mind. Just tolerated. Be your vibrant bad ass self.

I plan on getting out there and being my bad ass self, assured, and vibrant! I stand up against societies idea of beautiful!

Life Supports Me

Published October 11, 2021 by etain1

Live Supports Me ©
By Terry Moore

Life supports me,
if I slow down and be
still, it is there for me to see

There are many lessons
to Learn and over time I
realize these are blessings

Supports comes from many ways,
some from family and friends
to help with the current phase

Keeping a clear mind
letting go of projections
true peace I always find


Published October 11, 2021 by etain1

Authentic ©
By Terry Moore

Being authentic
is autogenic

It’s really not hard
you are not barred

It’s easy to access
it’s a thought process

Knowing who you are
that’s your north star

To thine own self be true
this is not a taboo

The benefits are great
Making you first rate